Built for all levels of expertise, whether you need simple pages or complex ones, creating something incredible with Dante is an effortless and intuitive process.


Dante comes packed with exciting & unique features. Including full-screen native video, stunning fonts & icons and a myriad of slick elements and animations.


Create anything; with 7 header types, 7 Portfolio layouts, 10 Blog layouts, lots of beautifully crafted standard pages, & our robust page builder packing 44 elements.

Printschema.com has founded and drives a top-line desktop publishing service. Our team has an appetite for design, ingenuity and talk in action twist. “Perfect Pixel” has always been the desktop publishing team’s slogan, therefore they deliver a timely, precise and exclusive set of services.

  • Design and development of websites
  • Design and development of models, templates, tools, forms, manuals, packages and folders
  • Word processing and desktop publishing
  • High quality digital printing and publication
  • Brochures, banners, posters and other printed materials
  • Graphic design and development of branding guidelines and marketing materials
  • Conference and workshop presentations and materials
  • Digital presentations
  • High quality photography


All-inclusive Desktop Publishing Services

  • Design single-sourcing solutions
  • Extraction of content for translation from any DTP application or format
  • Creating & editing graphics & screen shots (illustration, diagrams, screen captures, graphics)
  • Generation of Postscript and PDF files for online and print publication
  • online and print publication

DTP Tools

We utilize various tools for each project designed to develop the quality of the projects we handle. We use tools for DTP purposes that include:

  • DTP Layout design project: QuarkXPress, WordPerfect, FrameMaker, PageMaker, Corel Draw, Adobe Photoshop, adobe illustrator, Paint Shop Pro and adobe indesign.
  • Compatibility with Localization software: Catalyst, Passolo, SDL Insight

The entire beyond mentioned software is updated often, allowing printschema.com to complete all types of projects regardless of intricacy involved.

DTP Quality Guarantee

Looking for paths to downgrade your project turnaround times, production costs and the total list of features to worry about when finishing a multilingual documentation assignment? Then consider us to make your life easier by supporting your multilingual document management. Before you interpret or publish your next set of documents, let us check what essentials to be modified including:

  • Keeping inter-punctuation and layout across all language versions consistent
  • Correcting all unauthorized departures from your source files
  • Notifying you of all irregularities in the translated content and all occurring errors
  • Finding and correcting all corrupted fonts
  • Layering all of your requested revisions


Looking for expert DESKTOP PUBLISHING SERVICES, you may note that all translation companies are not correspondingly capable in laying content that is not in their local language. As saving cost and time when interpreting content into multiple languages and keeping the design constantly formatted with each new language version are significant to you it is suggested that you provide an editable working file of the source file to the interpreter to use as a reference. Doing this would help you save time.

Here in printschema.com, we take time to realize your DTP necessities. We meet exact formatting needs and can provide the concluding artwork in all major media formats. Whatsoever your DESKTOP PUBLISHING requirements are, Contact us at live Chat or use our web form.

Gizmo icons worth $50!

We’re proud to announce that Dante includes 300+ stunning Gizmo icons (worth $50!) as standard.


7 header layouts

Dante comes with 7 different header types. You can also have a top bar with each one, or specify the opacity for added variation.


Premium sliders

Dante comes with 3 fantastic premium sliders; The Revolution Slider, The Layer Slider and our own innovative Swift Slider.

100% Translatable

Reach a wider audience with Dante, it’s fully translatable using the WPML plugin. English and French translations are included.


Full shop functionality

Built for WooCommerce 2.0+, the Dante shop includes wish list and super search, everything you need to start selling online today!


Swift Page Builder

Our Robust Page Builder is easy to use and comes loaded with 44 different elements. So you can quickly and easily create stunning pages.

Mega menu

Sometimes a standard menu just won’t cut it, that’s why Dante allows you to roll out a super slick mega menu.


10 blog layouts

Display your blog posts in a variety of interesting ways; choose from timeline, mini or masonry, each available with sidebars.


7 portfolio layouts

When it comes to displaying your work, Dante gives you lots of creative flexibility; from 2 to 4 columns, gallery style and masonry.

Pixels pushed.

Cups of coffee consumed.

Pizza's eaten.

Lines of code written.

Beautifully crafted with technical excellence
and exceptional attention to detail.



A few things about Dante…



It's Mobile Ready

Built using the sleek, intuitive, and powerful Bootstrap framework. Its responsive, mobile 1st fluid grid system scales up to 12 columns as the device or viewport size increases.



It's Retina-Ready

Designed & built to look beautiful on any display, it’s twice as nice on a retina device!



It's Well Supported

Whatever your level of expertise, our experienced support team are here to help you with any questions you might have.

Full-screen video.

Dante supports native video playback for parallax backgrounds,
and it also allows you to play your videos full-screen.


A few of Dante’s core features

Fully Documented

Fully Documented

Whether you’re the kind of person who reads instruction manuals or not, we’ve written one that explains all of Dante’s capabilities in intimate detail.

Lightning Quick

Lightning Quick

Dante has been built to be incredibly rapid. The lightning quick Swift Framework has been optimised from the ground up, which means it’s loved by users & search engines alike.

Tutorial Videos

Tutorial Videos

We’ve created a number of video tutorials to guide you through the finer points of how to get the best out of Dante.

Quick & Easy

Quick & Easy

Getting started is easy. Install our demo content and you’ll be on your way in no time at all.