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Magazine Design Service

Magazines are sometimes joyous, fun to read, other times they are repositories of information and an ideal platform of selling goods and services.There is a constant growing need of magazine services as People buy and prefer to see magazines as they contain information about various offers and promotions. You need to have a proper layout in the most efficient and cost-effective manner in order to draw the interest of customers. Some concerns choose in-house procedure to do the task. But if you want to heighten the sale of your product you have to choose to outsource your magazine  requirements to offshore service providers that are dedicated to providing magazine  services.

Magazine Design Inner Page

A flawless magazine should be having

• Proper design
• Graphics
• Pictures
• Typography and texture in the finest blend

Print Schema has been delivering magazine designing services to several companies worldwide including USA, Canada and other European countries. We have been providing this service for over 1 years.

Questions to be consider thoughtfully before outsource Magazine design:

  1. Primarily, does the firm specialize in magazine design?
  2. How many tenure of experience in magazine design?
  3. How many high-quality magazine designs have published?
  4. How significant is cost?
  5. Is the design firm capable of producing issues seamlessly according to the frequency of your magazine?
  6. Does the design firm expertise in creating magazine media kits helping in publication to potential advertisers?
  7. Does the firm’s designing flairs matching well with the magazine you plan to publish?
  8. Does the designer experienced with printersfitting for the size of your print run?
  9. Is the design company familiar with startup magazine in case of new publishconcern?
  10. Does the designer provide in-house editorial like copy editing and proofreading?

Magazine Design Solutions We Offer

  • Large Format Magazine
  • Modern Magazine
  • Fashion Magazine
  • Lifestyle magazine
  • European format magazine
  • Stock Magazine
  • Food Magazine
  • Coffee Promotional Magazine
  • Real Estate Magazine
  • Sports Magazine
  • Educational magazine
  • Trucking magazine
  • Teen magazine
  • Entertainment magazine
  • Retirement magazine
  • Movie and Music magazine
  • Promotional Magazine
  • Online Magazine
  • Travel Magazine
  • InDesign Magazine

Approach and Team “Magazine Design, The Best You Can Get!”

We have a team of competent artwork professionals who have

  • The ability to give you a top-of-the-line look and presence.
  • An average experience of 3 years in the designing and related productions.
  • Skilled in all the software that is used in layouting.
  • A rich knowledge in domains such as publishing, advertising, and printing industry.

To contract publishers; we provide personalized magazine design services. Some of our customers send us design samples on different set-ups such as MS Word, MS PowerPoint, etc. We can support all kinds of formats and create designs grounded on the same.

Why Choose Print Schema to Handle Your Magazine Project?

  • Specialize in magazine design
  • Old-hand in Design and print production
  • Quality maintained by copyediting and proofreading
  • Confidentiality for your secret document
  • Latest software use
  • 100% flawless delivery
  • Quick Turnaround
  • Never missed a deadline!
  • Free trial option available
  • Take the extra time creatingyourplanning magazine to publish
  • On-time and on-budget delivery method
  • Worktogether to make you a success!