Terms & Conditions

Please read these Terms and Conditions attentively as they will form a deal between you and us. Your approval of which is settled from the second you sign our Website Contract.

We have attempted to keep these Terms and Conditions short, self-explanatory, and as straight as possible. If you have any interrogations, please feel free to ask us.

Terms Explanation:

You – (the Client)
Us – (printschema.com, and hereinafter denoted to as ‘the Company’)

The Project-the figure of work that is being started, normally comprising of some related portions, such as discussion, graphic design, website development.

What do both parties approve to?

i. Corresponds of The User to:

  • Afford the Company, within a practical timetable, everything that is demanded from you to complete the Job involving text, pictures and other information.
  • Afford the Company with writing and images in the structure as specified below (notice photographs and images).
  • Analysis the Company’s job, give opinion, and signoff agreement in a timely manner.
  • Make every work to follow to all settled deadlines.
  • Follow to the payment plan put out on our prices page (www.printschema.com/prices), or approved separately for personalized work.
  • In advance, of any private information to be presented by email, composed, or orally between both parties. For this write ‘confidential’ in the subject of the email, or obviously on any written documents.
  • Afford a minimum of one months notice in text, or by email should you wish to terminate any agreement.

ii. Corresponds of the Company to:

  • Provide services in a specialized and timely manner.
  • Make a practical number of reviews. Extra revisions outside the scope of the project will be charged individually.

iii. Payment of Accounts

A payment may be required from a new patron before any work is carried out. All payments are unredeemable. In all cases, website hosting charges and any charges incurred by printschema.com on behalf of the client are payable in advance and are unredeemable. It is the printschema.com policy that any owing accounts for work carried out by printschema.com or its partners are obligatory to be paid in full. If accounts are not settled or printschema.com have not been communicated about the postponement, access to the narrated website may be rejected. Dues must be funded before the expiry date of the said service relating to web hosting or domain names. If the payments remain due at the time of termination, we will with instant effect, cancel said deal. If a void service is to be reestablished at the client’s application, a setup subscription will be payable before any such reestablishment and any data lost because of the termination will not automatically be reinstated. Printschema.com reserve the right to appeal full payment before the release of project.

iv. Photographs and Images:

  • Any images or photographs should be in digital format that you provide.
  • Any images that the company is asked to take from third party photographers or stock photography will be charged as an additional cost.

v. The Copyright:

Copyright is automatically assigned After the first 12 months period as follows:

  • Any images or photographs should be in digital format that you provide.
  • The company will preserve copies of all the files used in your project and if you want a disc copy of all the files used in your project, then the company will be pleased to send you. We maintain the copies of website for a reasonable time (typically one year at least).
  • The company also preserves the right as the design company to display and link to your completed project as our portfolio, and to pen on other web sites about the project.

vi. Liability:

For any missed launch date or deadline the company will not be accountable, if the Client supply materials in late, or has not accepted or signed off job on time at any stage.

vii. Confidentiality:

The Company follows all EU and national data protection, data transmission confidentiality policies and always reserve data sent to us in a protected way within our security policy.

Viii. Changes to these Terms and Conditions:

Printschema.com reserves the right to add, delete, or modify any portion of these Terms and Conditions at any time without notice. Failure to get notification of a change does not make those changes illegal. These Terms and Conditions will always existing to download or print from our website.