Photo Editing Services is an Image Manipulation Service Provider Company. Our main service is to enhance photo-post product images. We also involve in image manipulation projects in bulk volume.

Our image editing expert team had been working in photo-post services since 2010. After working for a long time and making a heart connection with each other we make a strong relationship among us. Then, we decided to make a website to spread out our service globally. In a consequence, we built our dream website in 2014. Finally, we started to serve around the globe fulfilling client’s desire.

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The word of our head doctor

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Dr. Robert Parker

Dental surgeon, head doctor

Efficiency of Work:

We are a gathering of professional team thus we can render you a great extent of efficiency in the allotted time. To accomplish your projects/deal our team of 45 persons is working for 24*6 in a week. For instance, we can accomplish 800 simple clipping paths per day. But in case of bulk volume we can provide you the required edited images under appropriate agreement. Yes, we also work in holidays if it is necessary. In last word, it can be said that from head to tail we work for our client satisfaction. Our support team always will be in touch of you about your any enquiry.

Our Team:

We work, work as a team – it is our motive of functionality. In our company, a silent and strong dealing with each other is maintained. We divided our workflow into three categories: production team, marketing team and support team. All the different team members keep up a friendly professionalism always. It is our pride to maintain a firm communication among us

Services We Offer:

We do offer our global client such variety of benefits. Our main job is to enhance perfection in photographs. Our fundamental services are  Photo masking service, Photo retouching service, Image cropping and resizing service, Image shadow making service, Ghost mannequin service, Headshot retouching service, Clipping path service, Image/photo background remove service, Multiple clipping path, Image color correction and recolor services.

Work Schematic Pattern:

We do our job done by following an interesting and effective pattern. The pattern makes our job easier and quality result. Firstly, our client updates their images to our server PC. Secondly, we download all the images and transfer it to the production house. Thirdly, as a requirement of the clients images are divided into different categories. Fourthly, categorized workings are sent to the expert of that especial manipulation. Fifthly, all the images are combined and final revision is done by a professional quality controller. Sixthly, all images are uploaded to the server PC and then send it to the clients as the format they wanted also the way they choose.

Amazing Re-Do Options:

Here is one word to say about the re-modification of work which is the best quality service of our company. Yes, we do re-do work. In that case, the client must be made the clarification that where is a need for only little modifications. Our re-do features also have some conditions. If it adds some extra services editing, it will increase the cost of editing. Though our premium members will enjoy the benefits of some discussion rate in re-do work. It is because we do care about our trusted clients.

Types of Clients:

From the beginning, we are upholding a numerous number of clients around the globe. For this, we develop variant types of projects category to handle the pressure of diversifying requirements. Thus, we categorized our clients into their projects types. To be accurate, we follow three types of projects client.

  • We serve our daily clients as per their daily requirements. They are called “The Guest” by us. These types of clients get a minimum range of our offer. Maintain the best quality we try to finish their projects within 24 hours.
  • Another category of clients is who demand small projects. They are called “The Known” by us. They have to pay 50% of their payment in advance. Sometimes, we offer a sort of agreement to make a professional deal. They can pay in weekly or monthly.
  • And the final category is big project type of client. They are called “The Best Client” by us. They have to come to an agreement before the projects started. The time to finish their projects depends on their number of images. Like the above clients, they also have to pay 50% of their payment in advance. Projects time may last long for a month or several months or a year. They can pay in monthly based system.


We do maintain a specialized billing system. We offer our clients a complete In-Voice form of our costing. The In-Voice contains a fully specified box of purchase items, payment money, date, delivered to etc. By this payment slip clients become able to know about the price they have to pay. So, a complete sheet of payment builds a strong relation with our client and a clarification of our prices.

Payment Delivery Options:

We offer a versatile range of payment system. We thankfully accept PayPal. We accept a variety of card payment like VISA, MasterCard and American Express etc. Finally, we also accept bank transfer.